Business and Commercial Law


Every step you take to solve your legal concerns should also provide business solutions. Whether you are involved in a collections dispute or you have tax concerns, your main goal is to maintain control and take action to reach your goals for future success. The lawyers of Maistros & Loepp handle commercial and business law concerns for closely-held businesses throughout Ohio.

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Every business faces different challenges. It is important to ensure that your business is prepared to handle whatever challenges come your way. The lawyers at Maistros & Loepp are prepared to help you with a variety of unexpected business concerns, as well as plan for the future, including, but not limited to:

  • Business Ownership Transition
  • IRS Collections
  • Ohio & Local City Tax Assessments and Collections
  • Business Succession Planning for Family Businesses

With every business law case, Maistros & Loepp takes the time to listen to you. As a lawyer we take into account your facts and circumstances, what you wish to happen, and analyze this against the laws and relevant cases to arrive at solutions for your problems. By taking a comprehensive look at your situation, Maistros & Loepp will help you determine what results you are looking for, the alternative solutions that can be implemented and the cost of this. Our goal is that you are in control of your business, and we are there as part of your team to advise and assist you. Once you determine your path, Maistros & Loepp will draft the necessary documents and assist you in implementing your plan.

Attorney Georgia Maistros is a strategic business advisor. Taking a complete look at your business, she will review all concerns that may be affected by the action you take, including:

  • Non-compete Clauses
  • Business Collections
  • Restructuring Businesses
  • Structuring New Businesses
  • Tax Concerns
  • Real Estate Law
  • Minority Shareholder Issues
  • Employment Law Cases
  • Business Succession Planning

Georgia’s goal is to keep you out of court, while building a relationship that will last for the life of your business. If it comes time to protect the rights of your business in court, attorney Tom Loepp will be ready to handle all your business litigation concerns.


The attorneys at Maistros & Loepp also represents businesses trying to collect on any type of bill. If you do not already have good contracts and procedures set up for collections, the firm will help you develop the proper tools to ensure that you are protected in the future. Once proper collections procedures have been put into place, the process can become much easier. Taking steps to ensure proper collections is an important part of commercial law.


The attorneys at Maistros & Loepp are there to help you with any business law concerns you may have. It can be dangerous to negotiate or draft contracts without an attorney, call 330-474-3864 or contact the firm on-line today for an appointment.